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Active Modesta Sportswear -Style Skant


    Active Modesta introduces the Skant!

    Upon wearing the Skant, let the cuffs wrap around your knee thereby making it look like a skirt. You can wear the waist high on the natural waist or lower for a  more modern appearance. Now you are ready to perform any sport modestly!

    Perfect for hiking, biking, yoga, Pilates, aerobics or any sport.

    The black Skant is available in sizes: x-small through xx-large. 

    The Skant may be taken  in a size up, as the waist is elastic and it will drape more like a skirt when worn lower than the natural waistline.  

    CLICK HERE for the size chart

    modelwearingskant2.jpg skantonmodel1.jpg



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    1. Fantastic!

      Posted by DD on 4th Dec 2021

      Love, love, love these for my workouts or any other work!
      Thank you for the wonderful service, also!

    2. Love it!

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2020

      I bought this so I could work out as modestly as possible at the gym. I don’t have to worry about it being clingy/tight to my backend (like other athletic skirts tend to do) or rising above my knees as it’s nicely cuffed below. Also I keep the cuffs right below my knees and the skirt nicely drapes over. It’s so perfect and my favorite workout skirt. My request would be more color options.

    3. Wow

      Posted by Joyce Sowinski on 7th May 2020

      Very ingenious the way this skirt is made! It really does look like a skirt! Very durable and fits true to size

    4. Modest/Tznius clothing for biking and exercise

      Posted by Biker Mom on 30th Jul 2018

      I bought this product to participate in a triathlon. It is basically a skirt that is sewn closed at the bottom, with two cuffed holes (one on each side) to slide your foot through. (Looks like a "flying squirrel"). So, it feels like you're wearing pants, but if you look in the mirror, it looks like you're wearing a skirt. During bike-riding the skirt does not cling to the leg, so it never looks like leggings - always a skirt. The cuffs can come all the way down to your ankles, so you don't have to wear a separate pair of leggings underneath (though I would recommend wearing biker shorts underneath if you tend to chafe, since from knee up, there is no material directly hugging the leg). Size runs on target (I am a size 12 and a Large is perfect with plenty of room). This only comes in dark colors, but I'd love to see a pattern/print one for a more youthful and fun wear.
      All in all, although awkward-looking and something I had to get used to, it is the best thing for those who want full range of leg motion for exercise, while upholding the strictest standards of modesty.
      If the price scares you, just know that it's worth it, as there is no other product like this out there. And, if you're a serious exercise/bike person, this small investment will carry you through for a while (though, to be honest, I haven't washed it yet - but their stuff usually washes well).
      Another success by Aqua Modesta! Congrats!

    5. Love it for backpacking / camping / hiking

      Posted by Sarah PDX on 6th Sep 2016

      I ordered the skant to wear on a recent 2-day backpacking trip with my family. It arrived just in time for me to use on our trip and fit very well. I especially like the wide waist band, which makes it super comfortable. I've looked all over for a tznius hiking skirt and really like this one. The only way you could make the skant better would be to include side pockets....ones that zip. Love this product!

    6. Great for Bikiing

      Posted by Rena Aviva on 16th Oct 2015

      Received my skant and very happy to have a tznius outfit to ride my bike. The design is ingenious. Looks like a skirt with no visible separation of the legs.