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  • Style 2600A-1 in Waterways
  • Style 2600A-1 in Majestic
  • style 2600A-1 in Black Beauty
  • Style 2600A-1 in Cool Waves
  • style 2600A-1 in Blue Skies
  • Style 2600A-1 in Berry Ombre
  • style 2600A-1 in Blue Ombre
  • style 2600A-1 in Hibiscus
  • Style 2600A-1 in Aqua Stripes
  • style 2600A-1 in Violet
  • style 2600A-1 in Jade Paisley
  • Style 2600A-1 in Waterways

Aqua Modesta-Ladies modest swim dress style 2600A-1

style 2600A-1

    STYLE 2600A-1   Your all time favorite swim dress is back! The original A lined swim dress/ cover-up designed to swim and stroll around in. 

    Majestic, Waterways, Black Beauty, Solid Blue Skies and Cool Waves available from sizes xx-small through xx-large.

    Berry Ombre is available in sizes xx-small, small, medium, and xx-large only.

    Blue Ombre is available in sizes xx-small only.

    Aqua Stripes  is available in sizes xx-small only.

    Violet is available in xx-small only.

    Jade Paisley print is available in xx-small only.

    This dress embodies an everlasting, understated quality in its simplicity of style.

    All our swim dress/ cover ups have matching hair coverings in prints and solids please take a look at them via the hair covering drop down under the Aqua Modesta swimwear tab. 

    All Aqua Modesta swimwear have UV ray protection and are rated at SPF 50+.

    CLICK HERE for the size chart

    style-2600a-1-in-waterways-in-small.jpg style-2600a-1-in-majestic.jpg-small-.jpg

    model-wearing-style-2600a-1-in-black-beauty.jpg-small.jpg model-wearing-style-2600a-1-in-aqua-stripes-small.jpg aqua-modesta-style-2600a-1-in-berry-ombre-small.jpgmodel-wearing-style-2600a-1-in-blue-ombre-small.jpg

    model-wearing-style-2600a-in-jade-paisley-small.jpgmodel-wearing-style-2600a-1-in-violet.jpgmodel-wearing-style-2600a-in-blue-skies-standing-small.jpg model-wearing-cool-waves-style-2600a-1-swim-dress-small.jpgstyle-2600a-1-in-berry.jpg-small.jpg


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    1. Great fit

      Posted by Unknown on 26th Apr 2021

      Fits and looks great

    2. Comfortable

      Posted by Myra on 9th Aug 2018

      Its great to have a product that you can walk out of the water and feel dressed! Not clingy as other swim wear. Relieved that I can preserve my modesty in all situations. Thank you!

    3. Tznius

      Posted by Unknown on 29th Jun 2015

      I really wanted a tznius option and this worked out beautifully. I ordered it in black and a medium fit size 10 perfectly. Make sure to get shorts or leggings for underneath if you plan on being active in the water.