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  • style 2622 in water weave with royal blue top
  • style 2622 skirt  in seaflowers
  • Style 2622 in black floral print
  • style 2622 in water weave
  • Style 2622 in black spiral print
  • style 2622 skirt in batique blue
  • style 2622 skirt  in wavy waters
  • Style 2622 in seaflowers
  • style 2622 skirt  in sparkles
  • style 2622 in paradise
  • style 2622 white floral skirt

Aqua Modesta-Modest Ladies swim skirt-style 2622

ladies swim skirt style 2622

    Ladies swim skirt style 2622 perfect for a swim or stroll on a hot summer day at the beach, pool, or waterpark.

    All Aqua Modesta swimwear have UV ray protection and are rated at SPF 50+.

    The colors are: White floral, Paradise, Black Floral and Jade Paisley are available from sizes: xx-small though xx-large.

    Sea flowers is available in xx-small, small, x-large and xx-large only.

    Solid black is available in xx-small, x-small, small, medium, x-large and xx-large only.

    Wavy water available in: xx-small, small, x-large and xx-large only.

    Water Weave available in: xx-small, x-small, small, x-large and xx-large only.

    Batique blue is available in xx-small, small and xx-large only. 

    Sparkle blue available in: xx-small, x-small, x-large and xx-large only.

    Hawaiian floral is available in sizes: xx-small only

    Black Spiral is available from small through x-large

    look at our coordinating rash guards/ swim tops styles 2629 and 2623. You will love them!

    80% NYLON AND 20% LYCRA. 

    Take a look at our color coordinated hair coverings via the hair coverings tab designed to match our swimwear line.

     CLICK HERE for the size chart

    modelwearingstyle2622blackcopy.jpg happy-model-wearing-style-2629-in-jade.jpg
    model-wearing-style-2629-in-sailing-blue-with-sparkle-blue-skirt-and-beach-bag.jpg sparklesdetail.jpg
    model-wearing-style-2622-in-batique-blue-new.jpg detail-of-style-2622-skirt-in-batique-blue.jpg


    model-wearing-seaflowers-style-2622-with-sailing-blue-top.jpg-small.jpg model-sitting-on-beach-chair-style-2622-sea-flowers.jpg-small.jpg   style-2622-water-weave-skirt-wit-hstyle-2623-top-in-black.jpg model-wearing-style-2622-black-floral-walking-in-ocean-s-.jpg 

    style-2622-skirt-in-black-spiral-with-style-2623-top-in-black.jpg model-wearing-style-2622-in-white-floral-and-2623-in-royal-blue-with-hair-covering-style-a-in-white-floral-print-small.jpg

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    1. Attractive Quality

      Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2022

      I wore myself out searching for modest swimwear that’s quality, truly modest and attractive and I found it at Aqua Modesta. I purchased two swim skirts and one dress. The sizing is 99.9 perfect. Oh! And so comfortable as well.

    2. Best skirt!

      Posted by Joyce Sowinski on 7th May 2020

      I LOVE this skirt. I have 3 black ones so I don't wear them out. I have the skirt in all the other colors as well. Fits well, durable and great for sitting on the beach! Plus it's made in America! Yay!


      Posted by Nancy on 2nd Jan 2016

      I love to swim, but have rarely done it because keeping myself modest while swimming has always been a problem. I used to swim in an extra long tee-shirt (really a nightshirt), but it got so heavy and stretchy when wet that it was more trouble than it was worth. I've often wished that someone would come up with a modest, yet stylish swim suit option for those of us who prefer to keep ourselves covered while in public. Finally, someone has! I wore this wonderful skirt as part of a 4 piece ensemble: a one piece swimsuit under a pair of nearly knee length rash guard shorts and a swim top. I slipped the skirt over the shorts and felt perfectly comfortable and stylish both in and out of the water. Everything was lightweight and comfortable. Nothing was soggy, or stretchy or heavy. I had a marvelous time!

      Although it is a bit on the expensive side, it is a good quality skirt and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to stay modest - whether it's for religious reasons or just because you don't feel comfortable showing a lot of skin in an "ordinary" swimsuit. I've already washed it a couple of times on the delicate cycle (in cold water) and hung it up to dry. It's holding up really nicely. I will likely buy more items from this vendor.

      Thank you Aqua Modesta!!

    4. Love it!

      Posted by Unknown on 28th Jun 2015

      It's more convenient than a dress and it's Long enough and dries really quickly!