Active Modesta Sportswear is a division of Aqua Modesta swimwear. The skant introduced under Active Modesta is a garment designed to look like a skirt and function as a pant. Modest, light, and comfortable. It is perfect for biking, yoga, pilates, and any sport requiring great leg movement while remaining ever so modest. 

The skirted leggings is designed for jogging and running errands. 

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  • Active Modesta-Skirted leggings style SWL Active Modesta -Skirted leggings style SWL

    Active Modesta Skirted Leggings

    Active Modesta Skirted Leggings-Style SWL

    Style SWL is the latest look in our Active Modesta Sportswear. The SWL is a skirt with leggings sewn into the waistband. It is ideal for any sport where stretch and comfort are critical. Whether running errands or jogging, you will love wearing the...

  • model on spinner wearing skant activewear model doing stretches in skant

    Active Modesta Skant

    Active Modesta Sportswear -Style Skant


    Active Modesta introduces the Skant! Upon wearing the Skant, let the cuffs wrap around your knee, making it look like a skirt. You can wear the waist high on the natural waist or lower for a more modern appearance. Now you are ready to perform any sport...