"I LOOOOOOOOOVE my Aqua Modesta.  It dries very quickly, which is nice if you're at the pool or beach and need to run inside to use the restroom, sit in the sun, etc."


"Helpful, if the husband and wife were swimming together in a private setting, why would that be a problem? There is no problem. If they can do other things together, surely they can go swimming together. As an aside, the modest bathing suits that are sold (100% tzanua) do not get tight when wet due to the material they are made of. Aqua Modesta makes such bathing suits, IIRC."


"Regine, you took your idea and really did it! Now you made a challenge that seemed so daunting do-able! So many are now really enjoying the summer properly because of you!"

Love Bonnie M.     Brooklyn, NY

"Dear Regine, thank you that in merit of your wonderful idea, I can go to the beach dressed modestly and be modest in front of Hashem.  May you merit to fulfill more mitzvot. May Hashem grant you success in your path and your business. May your labor bear fruit, so you can help the poor with it. Amen!"  

Love you  -  Yael S.  Belle Harbor, NY

"Thank-you for adding such a nice touch to our lifeguarding career! Behatzlacha!"

Pupa  lifeguards  2008

"I love the dress! Thank you and good luck with your clothing line."

Mrs. Freida  K.  Brooklyn, NY

"We get a lot of compliments on the dresses and I tell everyone about Aqua Modesta. Thank you for the superior customer service. Thanks for helping to make our vacation an enjoyable one."  

kol tuv, Renee 

" I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful girls swim dresses that I ordered I couple weeks ago. We got them the day after I ordered, and we loved them!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Mrs.Anna L. Duanesburg, NY

"Thank you. I got this sent out with my Visa after talking with you on the phone. I want to thank you so much for your excellent customer service."

 Kol tuv, Renee

"You guys are great... Thank you, Regine! Unbelievable customer service!!"

 Mrs. Anna L.
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