Active Modesta, a division of Aqua Modesta swimwear, introduces the perfect item for active, modest women. Is it a skirt or a pant? The skant, or style 2608P, is designed to look like a skirt and function as a pant. Ideally designed for women who love to bike, do yoga, pilates, hike, or any sport that gives their legs much freedom of movement while remaining ever so modest. 

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  • model on spinner wearing skant activewear model doing stretches in skant

    Active Modesta Skant

    Active Modesta Sportswear -Style Skant


    Active Modesta introduces the Skant! Upon wearing the Skant, let the cuffs wrap around your knee, making it look like a skirt. You can wear the waist high on the natural waist or lower for a more modern appearance. Now you are ready to perform any sport...