Skirted Leggings

The new skirted leggings style SWL is an excellent addition to our Active Modesta sportswear line. It is ideal to wear every day for running errands or jogging. This two-in-one design has the leggings sewn into the waistband of the skirt. This garment is designed from moisture-wicking fabric, which has four-way stretch for maximum comfort for the active woman. Style SWL comes in two colorways: a dark heather grey skirt with black leggings or a light heather grey skirt with black leggings. You will love the feel and comfort of this terrific garment. 

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    Active Modesta Skirted Leggings

    Active Modesta Skirted Leggings-Style SWL

    Style SWL is the latest look in our Active Modesta Sportswear. The SWL is a skirt with leggings sewn into the waistband. It is ideal for any sport where stretch and comfort are critical. Whether running errands or jogging, you will love wearing the...