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  • Ladies hair covering style A in Lilac to match style 2614 in Lilac and style 2630 Lilac Floral
  • Aqua Modesta- Ladies Hair covering style A in aqua Floral to match style 2630 in Aqua Floral
  • Ladies hair covering style A in Lilac Floral to match styles 2614 in lilac and style 2630 Lilac Floral
  • Ladies hair covering in style A in Aqua to match style 2630 Aqua Floral
  • Ladies hair covering style A in Pink to match style 2631 four piece swim- set

Aqua Modesta-Ladies Hair Covering Style A

Hair Covering A

        Aqua Modesta has designed three fantastic styles for our ladies hair coverings:

    Style A, Style C and Style D.  Each one is designed to match our swimwear line in solid colors and prints. Style A is a pre-tied hair covering designed for women with any length hair. It has an elastic in the back. It is simple yet elegant. You can make it tighter if you need to. 

    Hair covering A is available in all colors except watercolors viewed below.
    All the hair coverings are one size fits all. 

    All Aqua Modesta swimwear have UV ray protection and are rated at SPF 50+.

     ladieshaircoveringainchocolatebrown.jpg ladieshaircoveringcoralpink.jpghair-covering-style-a-in-black-spiral-print.jpg  haircoveringainsolidblack.jpg  haircoveringainsolidteal.jpg  hair-covering-style-a-water-weave-print.jpgstyle-a-hair-covering-in-sailing-blue-color.jpghair-covering-style-a-in-tropical-garden.jpg


       styleacoffee.jpg   hair-covering-style-a-in-island-beauty.jpg


    styleaineggplant.jpg styleaskyblue.jpg hair-covering-style-a-in-turquoise-island-print.jpg  hair-covering-style-a-in-deep-turquoise.jpg

     hair-covering-style-a-aqua-floral-on-headform.jpg    hair-covering-style-a-in-aqua-on-headform.jpg hair-covering-style-a-in-lilac-on-headform.jpg hair-covering-style-a-in-turquoise-on-headform.jpg hair-covering-style-a-in-solid-denim-swimwear.jpg

    Please follow the size chart.

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