Inspiration found in Jerusalem

Posted by Regine Tessone- founder of Aqua Modesta the Original Modest Swimwear Line on 6th May 2015

True inspiration can be found anywhere and everywhere. Recently, I visited the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens. I have been to Israel on many trips, but this was my first time in this heavenly oasis in this holy city's heart. You can find various messages written by donors to their loved ones among the many varied plants, trees, and flowers. This one caught my son Yaacovs' eyes, and he pointed it out to me.

The sign reads “to my mother Tunie Arman, who loves all that sprouts life and sees beauty in everything, from her daughters and grandchildren who love her. ” It is such a simple sign yet teaches us all what positive outlook one should have on life and people. There were various paths In the Botanical Gardens. Although we had a map, we chose not to use it and took whichever way our feet led us. Our first path led us to the cactuses that grow in South Africa. Here is a photo of one fascinating flower, the cactus.

Another fascinating-looking cactus is the Aloe Vera leaves of the cactus, which is used naturally instead of suntan lotion.

We continued to walk on the evergreen paths and came upon the tallest evergreen tree, which grows in Colorado, United States. At its peak, it grows up to 125 meters tall.

We continued our walk to the trees found in Australia, and this one blew me away by its sheer grandeur. I envisioned sitting atop its tallest branch and viewing the entire island from there.

At this point, we took a lunch break by the gorgeous Lily Pods Lake, built right next to my favorite coffee shop/restaurant called “Cafit,” found all over Israel. We are conveniently located In the Botanical Gardens. Many come here to eat and enjoy the serene and breathtaking scenery.

Besides the enjoyment our eyes received here it the tasty meal we ordered. A delicious “Haloumi” cheese salad with mint filled lemonade –all freshly squeezed with crushed ice. Perfect for the sunny hot “summer feel air” we were experiencing at the time.

Afterward, we continued to view some of these rare flowers found in South Africa. The white flowers here look like cotton balls and are as light and soft as feathers.

These lilac flowers were so soft to the touch, unlike their appearance.

We then took a rest by a tree holding water in its trunk as a reserve for the scorching weather in Africa. It reminded me of the camel that retains moisture in its humps and uses it for reserve water through long walks in the desert.

Finally, we came across the mud hut replica of those built in Africa.

The journey through the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens took us nearly five hours. We enjoyed the day immensely and would recommend it to you all wholeheartedly.

“How great are your creations G-D, all of which you mastered with much wisdom” (ma rabu maaseicha Hashem kulam bechochma asita)

This is what we say in Hebrew upon witnessing G-D's delightful nature.