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Posted by Regine Tessone founder of Aqua Modesta- pioneers in modest swimwear and sportswear on


      As my daughter graduates high school, I reflect upon how far she has come and how far Aqua Modesta has come. My daughter had just entered first grade and my line had just been born. She is the "rasion detre" behind my line and the push for whom I continued the  process despite its various challenges over the years. Aqua Modesta the original modest swimwear for Ladies and girls has revolutionized the modest clothing industry. It was all so overwhelming at first. As my lawyer put it, no business had gone through as much trouble in their first year as ours had. My Rabbi explained that anything great will have many obstacles before it grows into fruition. Ours surely did enough to fill up the pages of a great read. As I entered my first store to sell to, I was mocked and laughed at for creating this modest line by the woman buyer. I told the buyer of this store in Boro park, NY that if they did not wish to carry the line, I would go direct to their customers and sell to them. They replied mockingly: "how can you be so sure that it will sell". 

    I replied:" any idea that comes from G-D is bound to succeed".  They replied: " because I was so audacious they would give me an initial order and if it sold, a year from that date they would copy the line. I took my chances and replied: " the entire line will sell but should they decide to copy it, they would not succeed with it as the idea did not come to them but to me".  Indeed they did sell through that season but when they attempted to copy and sell it they failed the following year.  Throughout it all, I felt G-D's divine providence. My creator overpowered obstacle by obstacle and cleared the path for me to do his work. Although, I was an experienced designer, my business acumen was all too fresh. Being somewhat naive did not serve me and I had to learn the business side of fashion very quickly. I am immensely grateful to G-D for giving me the idea of designing a line of modest swimwear for Ladies and Girls over 13 years ago.

   Where would any of us be without gratitude?  I witnessed big and small miracles daily in both my professional and personal life throughout all these years. I simply cannot thank G-D enough and the customers who have supported me over the years. The customers who ranged fro mall ages, who graciously tried and enjoyed a new line of fashion that they had never heard of prior. I thank all those behind the scenes the factory owners, seamstresses, pattern makers, graders, fabric suppliers for giving me their time, patience, hard work and much guidance over the years. Thank you all for making Aqua Modesta the brand name to be trusted and loved in modest swimwear and sportswear. As our line is produced right here int the USA, I have come to know some the finest and hardest working people in the fashion industry. Contributing to the country in which I grew up and received my education in gives me deep pleasure and satisfaction.  

     Aqua Modesta has allowed me to serve so many of G-D's children and elevate them by dressing them modestly at beaches, pools, camps, cruises and anywhere they went to for a swim. It was the highlight of my designing career, combining my love of Judaism with my love of fashion into this awesome, unique line.
An idea whose time had truly come.....

I hope to continue to serve you and create more styles for you to enjoy in all water activities and sports for many more years!

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