Creating the Aqua Modesta swimwear line

Posted by Regine Tessone founder of Aqua Modesta the original modest swimwear line on 6th Apr 2016

Designing a swimwear line involves many aspects. One must love fashion, swimwear, and modesty to create a genuine garment that suits all those needs. At the top of the list is listening to what our customers want to wear. What makes them feel happy and comfortable? Dressing modestly can challenge many ladies and girls, especially at the beach. As founder and head designer of Aqua Modesta, I ensure our customers feel good about themselves and what they wear. The styles and silhouettes we choose must be in proportion to their varied shapes. High-quality swimwear must have maximum function and move with her body in any water activity she prefers. She may wear it for swimming laps in a pool or ocean, boating, hiking, and water skiing. Our lady lifeguards need to have utmost ease jumping in and out of the water with our swimwear line. Therefore, I design with fabric in mind at all times. Quality swimwear must have a way to stretch, dry quickly, and be a decent weight so it does not cling too tight when wet. That would defeat the purpose of modest swimwear. All our swimwear is made of UV-rated 50 plus for maximum sun protection. The fabric colors must be steadfastly fashionable yet modest. Animal prints or bright, flashy colors would not do for a genuine modest dresser. That is why every pattern in the Aqua Modesta line is designed exclusively for us.

Prints, when appropriately chosen, can be the most effective design tool. At times, the print will significantly enhance one’s shape or form. Our solid colors are rich and deep, trendy without compromising modesty. After thorough introspection, the next step is sketching the designs we intend to create and choosing the styles that will be made into patterns. Our expert patternmakers will then create an original way to make a sample. After ensuring all details are correct, they go into production at our factory in the USA. Swimwear made in the USA is of the very highest quality in craftsmanship and is made to last for more than just one season. We are very proud that our line contributes to this country. Being the pioneer in the modest swimwear industry and creating a unique string of modest swimwear gives me the utmost joy as a designer. Seeing the joyous faces of our satisfied customers gives me the ultimate high. B” H, I have been blessed to combine my love of modesty with my love of fashion for over a decade.