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Thank you Hashem for dressing the naked!

Posted by Regine Tessone founder of Aqua Modesta original modest swimwear and sportswear on

ברוך אתה השם....מלביש ערומים  "Thank you Hashem for dressing the naked"  What an amazing Beraha ! 

"I feel so dressed up" says the walk in customer at our showroom in Brooklyn. "Well that's the idea" I respond. To look dressed yet gorgeous at the beach". "I can go out in this outfit" she continues. Of course you can that is why in Hebrew the name for a swim suit is בגד יום Clothing for the beach. The beach or pool is usually an outdoor place, a public space where modesty and dressing up is a requirement. When did undressing at such a public place become the norm. In visiting our showroom, you will learn through our research just when that transformation began to take place.

"How did you ever come up with this idea? She asks. "Its brilliant! She says and proceeds to purchase a few. Well the idea is from Hashem the master and first clothing designer. It is written in Genesis that Hashem fashions a covering for Adam and Eve from leather to cover their bodies. That occurred after Adam And Eve ate fruits from the tree of knowledge and realized they were naked. They felt shame. Therefore Hashem in his infinite mercy creates clothing for them. Designing clothing and dressing people is a genuine act of kindness. 

Designing was something I absolutely loved doing and now that I was growing more observant I needed something modest to wear while swimming. I realized dressing half naked was no longer a solution but a problem for me. By studying the Torah and performing mitzvot, I now had the knowledge that was required to make that change. The desire was there and therefore the solution would surely come my way. I saw myself swimming in the ocean in this swim dress night after night in my dreams. That was the beginning of the idea of Aqua Modesta modest swimwear. The planning, the research. the follow up was all with super divine intervention.

As with many great ideas there were many obstacles along the way. With grit and perseverance any idea can be bought into reality. I thank my master G-D for giving me the idea., the abilities needed to do production and sales of Aqua Modesta modest swimwear and sportswear. I feel truly blessed in meriting to partake in the lofty mitzvah of dressing women and girls modestly from all walks of life, irrespective of religion. Today, more than any other time in history modesty is greatly challenged by society that promotes nakedness, or near nakedness. Modesty begins with clothing we adorn on our bodies but does not end there. It must go hand in hand with our thoughts, our speech, our actions and our attitude towards ourselves and others. In doing so we will have achieved being a truly modest woman. This blog is dedicated to all the truly modest women and girls I have met in my lifetime.