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            The innovative and original idea of a modest swimwear line for Orthodox Jewish community has been brewing within me for many years.

            My name is Regine Monavar Omid Tessone and as a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology my design experience spans over three decades. I have designed ladies wear, children wear, textile prints and diaper bags. However; nothing has captured my entire being as much as this new line of swimwear. Baruch Hashem, over the past three decades as I grew in the observance of mitzvot, I’ve come to realize that my love of swimming in an ocean anywhere in the world does not need to be diminished due to the fact that I dress modestly.

            Wherever I traveled I have observed that Orthodox women who went to a beach, lake, pool, or water park, swim with a cotton tee-shirt dress. However the tee –shirt looks clumsy, it also clings and rides up high while you swim. The cotton-tee shirt also takes a very long time to dry-too long for going back in the water for a second dip once it’s dry. That is why Aqua Modesta came to mind.    

            Aqua Modesta is made entirely of swimwear fabric. It comes in many varieties. Our most popular option is the ladies four piece swim set which consists of a skirt with the brief or capri sewn into it, a top with three quarter sleeves and a fully lined sports-bra.

            The next option is, a ladies swim dress, designed from swimwear fabric. You can swim in it or wear it as a cover-up to stroll around in. We offer a short- short and sports bra made of swimwear fabric to be worn as a set underneath the  swim dresses. Recently, we added a sports bra and capri set  designed from swimwear fabric to be worn underneath the swim dresses.

             We also carry a line of separates. Our  swim tops and swim skirts come in an array of beautiful solid colors and prints designed exclusively for us. Our entire swimwear line has coordinating hair coverings in the same swim wear fabrics of solid colors and prints.

            The attributes of this terrific garment are as follows:

1. It is a modest cut

2. It is light and comfortable

3. It dries very quickly

4. It is opaque-not see through even in its lighter colors variation.

5. It is manufactured in the U.S.A.

6. It is fashionable

7. It is SPF rated 50 Plus

            Aqua Modesta comes in ladies sizes ranging from XX-small to XXX-large, including maternity. We also carry a line of girls swim dresses and swim sets ranging from sizes 6 through 16 in solid colors and prints. As of today, ladies and girls  can perform the mitzvah of dressing in modest/"tziniut" swim wear with utmost joy in all the water- related activities.

          Active Modesta, the newest division of Aqua Modesta, is now introducing an amazing new item called “the skant”. It is a garment designed to look like a skirt and function as a pant. It is made of 85% nylon and 15% Lycra in a lightweight fabric, made for wearing all year round. The skant is available in sizes X-small  through XX-large.

          It is ideally designed for sports such as: biking, skating, aerobics, gymnastics, yoga and Pilates. Due to the design and fabric used in creating the skant, women can make splits without exposing or emphasizing any part of her thigh or figure. The idea of the skant was brought out for the great need of Jewish women everywhere who wish to be modest while performing various sports. For years, I have stopped riding my bicycle due to the fact that I did not have the proper modest garment to wear, now with the skant I can return to my bike riding days. 

         Skirted leggings style SWL has been introduced into our Active Modesta sportswear line. It is made of wick repellent fabric. Perfect for jogging or running errands. 

           Introducing the newest division of Aqua Modesta the AM line of costume jewelry.  A unique collection of hand made costume jewelry designed by our head designer Regine Tessone. Each piece is made with much precision and attention to detail. Custom made lengths designed to fit you to perfection.     

Aqua Modesta is always seeking to give you the highest quality and fashion in modest swimwear, modest sportswear and now in refined costume jewelry. 

You deserve the very best!




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